Design for Manufacturing

Betts Precision’s unparalleled engineering team is unique to the industry and can provide Design for Manufacturing (DFM) assistance as needed based upon years of experience.

Our engineering team will work directly and collaboratively with your organization to provide part design recommendations that will promote the ease of manufacturing and reduction of costs. We will discuss options and work together to optimize your overall part design at the start of the project, rather than later when design modifications can become more costly to implement.

By addressing Design for Manufacturing early on in the process, Betts Precision can help ensure a quality part that is manufactured in the most timely, efficient, cost-effective manner possible.

  • Unparalleled experienced engineering team provides Design for Manufacturing (DFM) assistance
  • Work directly and collaboratively with your organization
  • Provide part design and optimization recommendations at the start of the project
  • DFM addressed early in the process to ensure timely, efficient, cost-effective manufacturing
  • Experienced team of programmers who help our manufacturing engineers

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